setting sail


I call you, anemoi, be with me on my journey.

Give me all I need to survive and I promise sacrifices, if you guide me though this fateful night.

My life lies in your mighty hands.



Boreas, I salute you.

The sea is your mistress, you love her wild and rough.

And if I don’t care, I die.

But a smooth sea never makes a skillful sailor.

So I’m thankful.


Poseidon with you, Notus.

You are not asking, you are pushing. Forward, forward and forward.

Obstacles are my causes. Whether I want to or not.

But would I ever get down to them without you?

I don’t think so and keep growing.


Blessed be, Zephyrus.

Your warm and soft kiss on my wet cheeks let me smile at the end.

Suddenly my wounds do not hurt anymore and my heart is filled with new power.

And I will never regret my first steps.





At the horizon a moon is rising. And there is a black hole instead of his heart.

It’s the eye of another mighty force, but I didn’t suppose to meet him. I hoped not to meet him. Hoped so much…

The enormous octopus stares at me, who is so meaningless small. (The myth is alive now. Watch out, mortal one!)

I feel myself shrink, soon I will be vanished between the nervous waves.

But I’m not.

Poseidon’s not in a mercy-mood today and I see this tentacles appear over me, entwine me, embrace me cruel; the huge eye still watching there with a glimpse cold as ice. (Can‘t anyone hear my desperate prayers? My begging? How far away is Mount Olympus?)

I choke but I promised not to regret…

Gasping, struggling … of little moment.

Darn, you can not predict the ending of a journey.



Sweet siren’s singing accompany me down into floating darkness where Plutos welcomes me charmingly.

Finally, I can rest and leave all the fatigues behind.

My body grows heavy, sinks like a rock. Downward. No chance to return, but who wants to? The melody is an irresistible temptation, her touch damnation. No mortal can escape this eternal curse.

„Sleep“ it whispers all around me. „Sleep in peace. You are home now.“

So I do…

…with a blurred dawn high above and before my steel curtain-eyelids close themselves, the tip of the sun‘s soul reaches me for a last revelation.

Never slept so deep.



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