Welcome to Crystal Palace!


Famous since the Great Exihibition 1851, when the Crystal Palace-building had been moved from Hyde Park to to South London to thrill it’s visitors for about 70 years, until a fire on 30 November 1936 destroyed it. The park is also the legendary place, where the dinosaur sculptures of Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins set the first milestone in paleoart.


The Iguanodons, two of the most famous modells, because of the dinner Hawkins held in the mould of one of them on New Years Eve 1854. At that time, the iguandons used to wear their spikes on the noses and prefered to be quadrupedal.


I find it interesting, how the 19th century-minds worked, which could imagine dinosaurs only as lizard-creatures crawling on all fours like this Megalosaurus, who was actually a bipedal predator.
But well, until not so long we didn’t thought of feathered raptors, so don’t judge too hard with them.


A very beautiful example for Hawkins‘ work is this Monoceros


bloody squirrel – I gave him my brownie and he bit my finger. Twice!
So, at least I have now my first scars from a fight with a wild animal…

On this unforgettable day we enjoyed the company of Adam and Sharon Newell, who is also known as Sharon Gosling, the author of „The Diamond Thief“, a steampunk novel for kids, in stores sinche february 2013.

Another talent of her is cooking and baking and so we were invited to some traditional lunch *munch*(and even here I was learning, like „pudding“ is not always the chocolate and vanilla cream stuff the germans would think of when they hear this word…).

Under the lamps of a nice little pub and with London’s amazing lights in the background it was time to say Goodnight to the Newells and climb on one of the red double-busses to watch the „Aristocats-streets“ under us on our way home.

I can say, I enjoyed every minute there and I will never clean my shoes from the Crystal Palace-mud (sadly it rained the next day…)!


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