THE Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is like a manifested childhood dream of mine: Great halls filled with bones, skeletons, fossils and reconstructions. Breathtaking, even we needed a few tries to get in (bloody tourists).


finally I have got my own picture from this Diplodocus in this perspective like billions of other pictures, that appear when you search for type „Natural History Museum + London“ in the internet. But well, it’s mine.


Megatherium, the giant sloth with six tonns weight. Compared to todays sloths you only can imagine the nature of his movements


Smilodon – just imagine muscles and flesh and you got a really strapping big cat


the Bowhead Whale and it’s perfect spaceship design

… but I think, some of the really remarkable pieces are the „treasures“ and they truely are: All originals like the skeleton of Darwin’s pigeon with his handwriting on it or the teeth of the very first Iguanodon, which is found in 1822.


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