the wildlife park I

4th april 028

this little guy took about one hour of our time, where we tried to get a picture of him on land

4th april 058

… and finally we had this opportunity, when the hope was almost gone…

4th april 061

even on ice 🙂

4th april 067

a pose! too much generosity…

4th april 070

… that was probably exactly what he thought then, too … and went into the water again

4th april 047

yes yes, scratch yourself and keep looking cute … but I’m sure he had lots of fun, let us run after him around the pond like fools, ending up with freezed hands (fortunately the local cafe had nice Baileys-Coffee)


4th april 020

who says…

4th april 023

… nesting …

4th april 022

… is only …

4th april 024

… bird-business?


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